The Fate of the 2009 New England Patriots

The Patriots entered the 2009 NFL season as the hands-on favorite to win the AFC East. Having played some great football last season in the absence of Tom Brady, a team with Brady as its QB over Matt Cassel would be even better, right?

On top of that, some veteran acquisitions like Joey Galloway and Fred Taylor, both great players with storied resumes, would bring the team some additional grit, making the Patriots all the more strong in 2009.

Unfortunately, things haven’t quite turned out this way during the first two weeks of the season. While Tom Brady has been an effective quarterback, limiting his interceptions and generally making safe passes, he doesn’t look like the dominant quarterback that set the football world ablaze in 2007, with an undefeated regular season in New England.

He doesn’t look like the QB who’d throw 5 touchdowns ufabet เว็บหลัก in a game, only to follow it up with another terrific performance each and every week.

Brady threw together an efficient 2 minute drill in week 1 against Buffalo, and somehow, the Patriots came away with a win. His week 2 effort wasn’t nearly as effective. The Jets put Brady through his first game since 2005 without throwing a touchdown pass. It was also his first regular season loss since December, 2006. Brady looked like a rookie quarterback, while Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez looked as polished as Brady usually does.

One has to wonder if a year away from football brings on a little more rust than the football world is expecting. Week 3 for New England should be a telling one.

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