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Football rookie cards, I collect them and I analyze them. I not only analyze NFL Drafts, but I back them up with football sports cards. Yes, I put my money right where my mouth is, or in the general vicinity anyway.

With football rookie cards, I just happen to guess correctly most of the time, and oh yeah, I am not on TV and you don’t know who I am. Other than, that is who I am. I have seriously analyzed this 2007 NFL Draft to the point that I no longer care that Brady Quinn is getting his first NFL start this sunday for the Cleveland Browns. I also do not care how ineffective JaMarcus Russell has been over there on the west coast with the Oakland Raiders. In fact I give the quarterbacks a modest “C-” for last years draft, in fact if they had come out in the 2006 NFL draft, I doubt seriously that they would have been the 5th or 6th quarterbacks taken that year. Most of the other NFL positions have carried these two duds thus far!

I will say this Brady Quinn will enjoy less success than JaMarcus Russell and he will do it quicker. If it were not for Adrian Peterson, and ufabet เว็บแม่ the phenomenal season he had last year, (his rookie season) the running back core from last years draft would get a “C” from me, because of him I give them a “B”. I must say that Adrian Peterson was a stud in the hobby last year and should probably get some kick back from the Football sports trading card companies for carrying them last year. Adrian Peterson had one company exclusive for cover exposure and it was with the Playoff products, but the rest should thank him as well. They knew what they were doing over there at Playoff.

I just hate giving the defensive players props, are they needed heck yes and how…but they just have no hobby interest, I pass on the defensive football rookie cards, other than merely for the completion of sets. Let me prove my point to you this way, lets take the three I believe were the best at stepping into the NFL and making an impact asap. Laron Landry, Paul Posluszny, and Gaines Adams, three studs none the less but there is just not that much interest in these players from the hobby standpoint. Profit wise, every time I get a defensive players gem card, meaning low numbered autograph or other type of hard to pull sports card, I just shake my head. To be honest, I would rather have a punter or place kicker’s autograph.

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